Island Tours of Hoy

Orkney Islands, Scotland

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The Island of Hoy is covered in vast tracts of wilderness, and the almost 5,000 hectares of Scottish Government designated Wild Land Area is the only one in Orkney and one of just 42 in the whole of Scotland.    The Scottish Government Policy states that “Wild land areas are the most extensive areas of high wildness”.  They are identified as nationally important and it’s an absolute joy to experience the solitude, silence and nature in its rawest form.   Our guide will ensure you gain the maximum benefit in a safe and rewarding trip to return  to civilization with fond memories of a wonderful and unique experience.   Please be rest assured that safety is our primary concern, and you will be in the very safe hands of our experienced guide who is a qualified Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) Navigator, he also has many years of survival and navigation experience in most parts of the world from a previous long career in the British Army.



Old Man of Hoy Hills of Hoy


TOUR:   Hills of Hoy, Old Man of Hoy, Rackwick Bay and Scapa Flow:


Our guided walking tour, along a good path, but through wild land with fantastic cliff top sea views is a wonderful way to experience the Island of Hoy.  


Our Resident Guide will collect you in our 9 seat tour vehicle from the ferry terminal at either Lyness or Moaness and drive to the start point at the access to the Glens of Broadface which is bounded by the Hills of Hoy, the highest in the archipelago.  


He will walk with you, whilst reciting local stories and pointing out wildlife in abundance and stunning geology on the way to view the iconic Old Man of Hoy and where, at a safe spot, we will have hot drinks and snacks (included in price).  


Then returning via the stunning Rackwick Bay, it’s Craa Nest Museum and the Dwarfie Stane, all in good time to return you to your ferry.   We may get lucky and sight the Sea Eagles


Walk details: 10km, approx 5hrs.   Tour Grade*2 (see below)

TOUR: Wilderness


Our guided walking tour into wilderness, where s it is almost certain that you will not see another human being for the duration of the trek, the sound of silence is loud in your ears, the nature and the wildlife which lies undisturbed is simply amazing.  


This walk will provide wonderment and an experience which will likely never be forgotten.      


By the time we return to civilization you will be competent in map-reading, use of a compass, will have picked up some survival skills in true wilderness and have experienced true isolation on a remote island.  


Transport to and from arrival point is included as are hot drinks and snacks.


Walk details: 10km, approx 5hrs.   Tour Grade*4 (see below)

Bespoke Tours:


We will design you your very own personalised tour which can include, wilderness, nature, and everything this amazing island has to offer, we have even in the past designed an architecture tour.    Each tour will be unique and tailored to suit the individual party for their prior approval.   Please advise us of the most approriate tour grade (see below for details).

Tour Grades

All of our tours have been graded to help you find the comfort level that best suits you:


Activity level 1: Leisurely

Designed for people who are in good health, enjoy the outdoors and want a relaxing trip packed with interest.


Activity level 3: Moderate

Requires a spirit of adventure and some fitness, as the trip may involve more activities or longer journeys.


Activity level 5: Challenging

Fitness is imperative at this level, as the environment may be more remote and challenging.


Activity level 7: Tough

At this level we recommend previous experience of the activity involved.


Split grades

In order to provide more accuracy, where a trip falls between two grades we use an intermediate or ‘split’ grade, for example; Level 2 (Leisurely/Moderate).


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We will be able to provide a price of a Wilderness Tour on request, as it will be dependant on duration, distance etc.